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Here’s the story…


explaining the book

A Look At What’s Inside



This video explains what topics “Tales From the Western Generation” will explore. It also provides a sneak peek at some of the interview guests and the unique images they provided for the project.

Extensive Interviews with Pioneering Karateka

These individuals provide unique insight into the old ways of karate, the tournament scene in America, and the growth of karate through it's golden years.

…and many more!

This is just a small sampling of the diverse group of interview guests that provide unique insight into the masters of Okinawa and Japan as well as the development of their respective styles.

Quotes From the Book

Here are a few snippets taken from interviews in the book

  • "Chitose Tsuyoshi could generate a great amount of power for his size. He had total body control and had developed vibration ability (not to be confused with hip snap) It seems he could move his internal organs to increase his power while his outside body moved hardly at all."
  • "Peter Urban Sensei was a bull, stocky and really developed. He was fantastically strong and Goju is a very rooted and fundamental style. Don Nagle Sensei was tall and lanky so he had more distance and speed concepts during fighting."
    Chuck Merriman
    - Goju Ryu
  • "Someone asked about having women in the black belt divisions and the tournament director said 'well women rarely make Nidan and if they did they would not get Sandan'."
    Marilyn Fierro
    - Isshin Ryu
  • "One evening while we were out at a bar relaxing after class Kise Fusei said to me 'tomorrow we go see my teacher'. At the time I was thinking he meant Maeshiro, but it wasn’t to be Maeshiro at all, it was Grand Master Hohan Soken."
    James Coffman
    - Matsumura Seito
  • "Master Odo in particular had a warmth and openness about him. I always think of him like a bright light in a dark room. He opened his arms to us and we were very thankful for that."
    C. Bruce Heilman
    - Okinawa Kenpo
  • "I had won my fair share of tournaments and lost some matches too. But I had never received an ass whooping until I went up against Victor Moore."
    Glenn Keeney
    - Goju Ryu
  • "The trap some individuals fell into was that they believed they were skilled and knowledgeable karate men. I do not see how anyone, in just a year or two, can gain the knowledge required to come back to the USA and create a karate organization."
    Dan Smith
    - Seibukan
  • "When I was stationed in Iwakuni, Japan, and teaching next to a senior JKA Shotokan instructor - Hakayama, Sensei - he was clearly resentful of the fact that an American was teaching karate in 'his' gym."
  • "The Japanese weren’t used to black people at that time. They used to turn my hand over and over because it was light on one side and black on the other."