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Martial Arts:

Matthew Apsokardu is a practitioner of Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo of the Nakamura Shigeru, Odo Seikichi, Bruce Heilman lineage. Matthew is a direct student under Heilman Sensei.

Credentials include:

Instructors and Main Influences:

  • C. Bruce Heilman (10th Dan Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo, 3rd Dan Jujutsu)
  • Ann-Marie Heilman (9th Dan Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo)
  • Rick Zondlo (7th Dan Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo, Shodan Kendo, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu)
  • Bill Hayes (9th Dan Shobayashi Ryu)
  • Jody Paul (9th Dan Seidokan, Motobu Udundi)

Personal Background:

Matthew Apsokardu graduated from Penn State University with a BA in Professional Writing and a minor in Natural Science.

Matthew has written across various genres and has credits in diverse locations, including…

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If you have any inquiries or comments for Matthew he can be reached at westernkaratebook@gmail.com.


Fine Print:

All written work and pictures (unless otherwise noted) are copyright of Matthew Apsokardu © (2014). All rights reserved. Practice of any martial art can be potentially dangerous, and Matthew is not responsible for any injury incurred due to attempted application of advice or techniques described on this website. Matthew reserves the right to block any user or commenter he believes is abusing the site or is compromising the community environment.