Bill Hayes – Shobayashi Ryu

Major William (Bill) Hayes enlisted in the Marines in 1964. Serving tours of duty that took him to Japan, Okinawa, Korea, and Vietnam, Hayes Sensei became well-known for his exceptional abilities as a soldier and leader. While in the East, Major Hayes began his study of Shorin Ryu directly under Shimabukuro Eizo Sensei. Throughout his tours and return trips to Okinawa, Hayes Sensei became a trusted senior student of Shimabukuro Sensei, helping spread the art of Shobayashi Ryu in the United States at Shimabukuro Sensei’s request.


Original Interview

 __ This interview was the foundation for the eventual interview featured in “Tales of the Western Generation”. The “Tales” interview features expanded and revised topics.
  This is the first in a series of interview videos with Bill Hayes Sensei.
 File0001 A classic article discussing the sai prowess of Hayes Sensei.
 patch Home of the Shobayashi Kan, a study and preservation group led by Hayes Sensei.