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New Interview Guest Revealed (#2): James Coffman

I’m excited to announce James Coffman Sensei as a participant in “Tales From the Western Generation.” Coffman Sensei is known as one of the most active and senior members of the Matsumura Seito community, carrying on the traditions of Soken Hohan and Kise Fusei. A veteran of the United States Air Force, Coffman Sensei had […]

New Interview Guest Revealed (#1): Eddie Bethea

I’m happy to announce Eddie Bethea Sensei as a participant in “Tales From the Western Generation.” Bethea Sensei is a veteran of the Air Force and has been diligently studying Shorinkan Shorin Ryu since the late 1960s. Bethea Sensei grew up in a strict household and experienced racial discrimination early on. Due to the dark […]

Interview Guests to be Revealed as Publication Approaches

As you may have noticed from browsing the site there are a handful of interview guests revealed while many are still ‘top secret’. While I like a good mystery as much a the next guy I think it would be fun to reveal more and more of the guests as the book moves along in […]

“Western Generation” Passes the 10 Participant Mark

There are a lot of factors that go into creating a successful book, but for this particular project there is simply no substitute for participants! Imagine only five or six perspectives on the introduction of karate into America. That wouldn’t do. I’m happy to say I now have over ten completed interviews and a bunch […]