Old Interview Subjects (Chapters)

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Interview Subjects

Listed here are a few individuals who will be featured in the book. They come from a variety of different backgrounds and studied under a diverse set of masters.

[/full_width] [/row] [row] [chapter number=”Ed Mcgrath” title=”Isshin Ryu” info=”Ed Mcgrath is one of the senior-most Isshin Ryu practitioners in the world and inheritor of Don Nagle’s methods.”]headshot_em[/chapter] [chapter number=”Maynard Miner” title=”Shotokan” info=”Miner Sensei experienced early Shotokan in Japan and was one of the first Western JKA Instructors.”]headshot_mm[/chapter] [chapter number=”Glenn Keeney” title=”Goju Ryu” info=”Keeney Sensei is a senior Goju instructor and one of the most prolific tournament champions in US history.”]headshot_gk[/chapter] [/row] [row] [chapter number=”Kimo Wall” title=”Goju Ryu / Kingai Ryu” info=”Kimo Wall Sensei is a senior student of Higa Seiko Sensei and Matayoshi Shinpo Sensei.”]kimo wall[/chapter] [chapter number=”William Dometrich” title=”Chito Ryu” info=”Dometrich Sensei was one of the first westerners to study with Chitose Tsuyoshi in Japan.”]william dometrich[/chapter] [chapter number=”Jim Logue” title=”Oyata Shin Shu Ho” info=”Jim Logue Sensei was a senior students of Oyata Seiyu and an important Ryute inheritor.”]jim logue[/chapter] [/row] [row] [chapter number=”Bill Hayes” title=”Shobayashi Ryu” info=”Bill Hayes Sensei, a senior student of Shimabukuro Eizo, is a crucial link to old style karate methods and history.”]Bill Hayes[/chapter] [chapter number=”Jody Paul” title=”Seibukan / Motobu Udun Di” info=”Jody Paul Sensei is one of the earliest westerners to spend significant time on Okinawa.”]Jody Paul[/chapter] [chapter number=”Ann Marie Heilman” title=”Okinawa Kenpo” info=”Heilman Sensei, a direct student of Odo Seikichi Sensei, is a martial pioneer for women in the USA.”]Ann Marie Heilman[/chapter] [/row] [/chapters]

…and many more!

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