Chuck Merriman – Goju Ryu

Chuck Merriman was a direct student of both Peter Urban and Chris DeBaise, and was an accomplished Judo competitor. Throughout decades of training and competing, Merriman Sensei became renowned as a tournament champion, event coordinator, and national coach. He expanded his experience beyond Japanese Goju, later melding it with Okinawan influences. As a result, Merriman Sensei has become one of the most sought after resources for insights into Goju Ryu and modern competition.


chuck merriman goju ryu

__ Merriman Sensei during one of famous kata performances. Merriman Sensei would become a standard on the tournament circuit for presentation and precision of form.
In this short interview Merriman Sensei explains some of his ideas on kata, bunkai, and the changse he has seen in karate since he began in the 60s.
Merriman Sensei performing the kata Tensho, which is an important part of the Goju Ryu curriculum.

Merriman Timeline

This page, presented by, provides a basic timeline of accomplishments for Merriman Sensei.
 merriman master magazine Merriman Sensei featured on the cover of Masters Magazine. Merriman Sensei contributed a number of articles and interviews to magazines throughout his career.
 chuck merriman IKKF Chuck Merriman featured with a number of other senior martial artists. From left to right: Chuck Merriman (Goju Ryu), Miguel Ibarra (Aikijujutsu), George Alexander (Shorin Ryu), Nick Adler (Isshin Ryu), Ann Marie Heilman (Okinawa Kenpo), Bruce Heilman (Okinawa Kenpo).