Doug Perry – Shorinkan

Although Perry Sensei is one of the senior-most representatives of Nakazato Shuguro Sensei, he is truly a collective product of multiple martial arts experiences. While on Okinawa he studied under a handful of premiere masters, including Shimabukuro Tatsuo of Isshin Ryu and Uechi Kanei of Uechi Ryu. Perry Sensei was also fortunate enough to learn some of the Takemyoshi Family Style, a very rare and old art which preserves much of the deeper aspects of kata training.


doug perry shorinkan

__ Doug Perry Hanshi, a senior Shorinkan practitioner. Perry Hanshi has developed a reputation for extreme depth of knowledge as well as approachable character.
Perry Hanshi receiving his Kudan certification from Nakazato Shuguro Sensei.
Perry Hanshi discussing self presentation during kata.

doug perry early boxing career

A news article featuring Doug Perry during his early boxing career.

Perry Home Dojo Website

Home of the Okinawan Shorin Ryu Shorinkan Karate and Kobudo Dojo. read more about Doug Perry Hanshi’s military and martial arts career.