Nick Adler -Isshin Ryu

In the 1960s and 1970s, New York was one of the hottest spots for karate activity. Training in the city was intense and focused with an edge about it born from constant competition amongst schools. Nick Adler trained and fought his way through the heart of the New York scene, developing a reputation as a skilled fighter, talented kata performer, and savvy instructor.

Adler Sensei’s Isshin Ryu experience came primarily from the earliest first generation instructors to come back from Okinawa after their tours of duty in the United States military. He augmented that by training with visiting Okinawan teachers, arranging for many of their stays and acting as a hub of interaction between many senior practitioners of different styles and backgrounds.

nick adler isshin ryu

__ Nick Adler Hanshi became a staple of the New York karate scene, developing a reputation as a demanding teacher and highly effective fighter.
Adler Hanshi performing the kata Sunsu in 1996.
This video features a series of clips and images from Adler Sensei’s martial arts career. The end of the video provides a sampling of kobudo kata and application.
Adler Sensei discussing the usage of the sai.

Inside Karate Feature Article

This article from 1990, as written by Nick Adler, explores the idea of staying natural while executing karate technique.