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There were over 30 guests in “Tales from the Western Generation”. That’s a lot of stories. But America is a big place and there are a lot of intrepid men and women that have helped popularize karate in the West. We can safely assume that not all of their stories were told in this one book.

As I’ve talked to folks about the project, one thing that often comes up is the names of individuals who deserve to be similarly chronicled as those in “Tales”. I’ve found it interesting, to be sure, but never took the time to categorize and organize those individuals. I’d like to do that now, but I need your help.

Do you know of someone who belongs in a book like “Tales”? Please share as much info as you can below and provide an avenue to connect with that individual if possible. Please note that I am looking for individuals who have not passed away and could still be accessed for first hand interviews.


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