Now Over 100 Pages of Interview Content!

The manuscript for “Western Generation” just recently passed a milestone – over 100 pages of pure interview content! At this point the manuscript lacks any fancy formatting or even images. That means when I say 100 pages of interview content it is seriously packed with information. No wide margins or double spacing (or any other high school / college tricks).

So far the interview guests have been fantastic in the amount of detail they are providing with their responses. I certainly expected some of them to get annoyed at the sheer amount of questions but they have been tolerant and frankly too kind.

One important note about the interviews being conducted is that each question set is unique to the interview subject. I did not go in the cooker cutter direction where the same set of questions is posited to each guest. There are some formats where asking the same questions actually makes sense. For example, if you have an external topic such as “kata application” you might ask ten different resources to explain their stance on kata application. However, this project is about the unique story of each guest so I felt original questions for each was necessary. That being said, there are certainly some themes that I stuck to as I felt they were critical in understanding the viewpoints of the guests.

I look forward to updating you more as the guest count and content count continues to rise!