Robin Rielly – Shotokan

Robin Rielly Sensei was introduced to Judo and karate before joining the Marines, eventually finding himself stationed in Japan. Once there, he began training in a style known as Shin Kage Ryu, distinct from the sword style of the same name and influenced by Shotokan. After that he began his direct Shotokan training in earnest, eventually becoming a senior disciple of Okazaki Teruyuki Sensei.

robin rielly and nagaoka fumio

__ Nagaoka Fumio Sensei, hachidan and Chief Instructor of the Kobukanstanding with Corporal Robin Rielly around 1963.
robin rielly shotokan karate club Robin Rielly (left) leads his newly formed Rider College Karate Club in counter punching practice in the fall of 1964.  This was his first karate club in civilian life.  Shortly thereafter, he also began teaching karate in two judo clubs, one in Millburn, NJ and the other in Asbury Park, NJ.
robin rielly roundhouse kick Corporal Robin Rielly (left) practicing the roundhouse kick against one of his students at Camp Lejeune, NC, January 1964.

Published Works

This is a list of published works by Rielly Sensei that are available on Rielly Sensei is a prolific writer on the topics of martial arts and military history.

ISKF Technical Committee

 Rielly Sensei’s position on the technical committee for the International Shotokan Karate Federation.