How to Order a Signed Copy

tales from the western generation coverIf you’re interested in a signed copy of “Tales from the Western Generation”, first of all, I’d like to thank you! It means a lot to me that you would consider adding this title to your library. I’m also appreciative that you would find an autographed version valuable. Follow the easy steps below to place your order through paypal or via any major credit card.

NOTE: This book comes signed by the author, Matthew Apsokardu, and not the interview guests. I encourage you to collect as many signatures as possible from interview guests though, because it means you are likely to get some great training along with it!

Order a Signed Copy Here:

Domestic USA Shipping:

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International Shipping:

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How to Provide Special Instructions or Ask Questions

When ordering your signed copy, Paypal will provide an opportunity to include any specific needs or instructions. In addition, after your purchase you will be taken to a “Thank You” receipt page. On that page is a contact form where you can provide additional instructions, questions, needs, etc.

How to Order Multiple Copies

If you would like multiple signed copies, you could go through the process of ordering them one at a time. Alternatively, after clicking the yellow “buy now” button above, you’ll be taken to the paypal purchase screen. From there you can change the number of copies and add instructions for whom to make each book out to. See the image below for where to make those changes: