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2 New Interviews and Intro Research/Outlining

The interview tally continues to rise as I prepare to add two new interviews into the mix. One of the new guests is for Seibukan and another is for Shorinkan. I’m very excited to have both individuals as part of the book. The actual interview collection process is now winding down as I prepare for […]

3 New Interviews Added

This has been a big week for “Tales”. I’ve been able to add three new interviews spanning three different arts. The new guests are practitioners of Shuri Ryu, Shotokan, and Okinawa Kenpo. These additions add the first element of Shuri Ryu and expanded perspective for Shotokan and Okinawa Kenpo. I’m also happy to say that […]

“Western Generation” Passes the 10 Participant Mark

There are a lot of factors that go into creating a successful book, but for this particular project there is simply no substitute for participants! Imagine only five or six perspectives on the introduction of karate into America. That wouldn’t do. I’m happy to say I now have over ten completed interviews and a bunch […]