Victor Moore – Shuri Ryu

Victor Moore Sensei was a staple on the tournament circuit during a time of great prestige and exposure for tournament-style karate. He fought and defeated some of the biggest name competitors of the day, including Joe Lewis, Mike Stone, and Glenn Keeney. He also distinguished himself as an instructor and became one of the trusted keepers of Shuri Ryu, appointed to the prestigious Trias International Society. He accomplished all this while facing serious racial prejudice from other martial artists and society at large.


Traditional World Karate Association

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victor moore flyer A flyer celebrating the tournament victories of Moore Sensei. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s Moore Sensei won a significant number of national tournaments, becoming one of the most prolific and successful competitors of his era.
victor moore bruce lee speed test In 1967, Victor Moore participated in a speed demonstration with Bruce Lee. Volunteering mostly at the behest of Robert Trias, Moore was tasked with blocking hand techniques thrown by Bruce Lee.
victor moore chuck norris Victor Moore greatly respected fellow competitor Chuck Norris for his character and gentlemanly behavior.
“The Man that Fought ‘Em All!” This mini documentary explores the life and times of Moore Sensei through the eyes of his friends and contemporaries.
 victor moore chimpanzee Victor Moore achieved some notoriety in the 1970s by training a chimpanzee named Trudi to execute karate techniques.

Short Biography

Information courtesy of This provides some of the background of Moore Sensei’s training and his tournament victories.