Walter Dailey – Seibukan

Walter Dailey is an Army veteran and one of the most senior Seibukan practitioners in the world. Dailey Sensei was trained as an Army paratrooper and arrived on Okinawa in 1960. One of the first beneficiaries of the cooperation between Shimabukuro Zenryo and the U.S. Military, Dailey Sensei grew very close to the Shimabukuro family and spent significant time training with both father (Zenryo) and son (Zenpo).


walter dailey seibukan

__ Dailey Sensei during his early days of training. In addition to being one of the early western practitioners in Okinawa, Dailey Sensei was also the first individual to open a Seibukan school in America.
walter dailey shimabukuro zenryo Walter Dailey Sensei with his instructor, Shimabukuro Zenryo.

Zentokukai Tode

Zentokukai is the primary organization in which Dailey Sensei participates.
seibukan flag Traditional Seibukan Flag with the hurricane emblem of the All Japan Karatedo Federation.