Write a Review – Win a Signed Book!

It’s been a lot of fun launching “Tales from the Western Generation” and seeing support from the martial arts community. I’m very grateful to everyone who decided to purchase a copy. We hit a small milestone after launch, achieving #3 rank on the Amazon Bestselling List for Martial Arts. Of course, we had no chance of getting #1 with Ronda Rousey there, but I would never complain to her face about it.

Amazon Best Sellers  Best Martial Arts

Now that folks have had a chance to check out the book, I’d like to get some more reviews up on Amazon. Amazon reviews are an important part of the process to increase visibility for a project. It helps potential readers understand what to expect in the book, and what kinds of reactions previous readers had to the content.

I’m a man who believes one good turn deserves another, so instead of just asking for reviews I want to up the stakes and create a giveaway!

How to Enter – Write a Review

Entering today’s contest is super simple, just write a review of “Tales” on Amazon! Any honest review is accepted; there are no qualifications in terms of what you write or how many stars you give the book. Although I hope “Tales” really impressed you, I wouldn’t hold it against anyone who reviewed the book less-than-perfectly.


To make your review, simply login to Amazon, select a number of stars, and then click the “write a review” button.

Sweet Sweet Prizes

Since we’re dealing with books in this particular giveaway, I thought it would be fun to focus on signed books as prizes. Check out the options below. Randomly selected reviewers will receive one of the following signed books:

Prize #1 – Enzan The Far Mountain (2 Winners Selected)

“Chie Miyazaki is wild and spoiled?the pampered child of a cadet line of the imperial House of Japan. When she disappears in the United States accompanied by a slick Korean boyfriend, it sets off alarm bells among people in Japan’s security apparatus.The Japanese want the problem solved quietly. They seek out Connor Burke, prize student of the master martial arts sensei Yamashita. Burke suspects that he’s being used, but he accepts the assignment out of honor for his revered sensei.A covert search and rescue operation turns into a confrontation with a North Korean sleeper cell, and Burke finally discovers the secret that drove Yamshita from Japan so many years ago and the power behind the decades-old connections that pull Yamashita back into danger in the service of the imperial family.” See more.SIGNED BY JOHN DONOHUE.

Prize #2 – Scaling Force (1 Winner Selected)

“Conflict and violence cover a broad range of behaviors, from intimidation to murder, and require an equally broad range of responses. A kind word will not resolve all situations, nor will wristlocks, punches, or even a gun. Scaling Force introduces the full range of options, from skillfully doing nothing to employing deadly force. You will understand the limits of each type of force, when specific levels may be appropriate, the circumstances under which you may have to apply them, and the potential costs, legally and personally, of your decision.” See more. SIGNED BY RORY MILLER.

Prize #3 – Tales from the Western Generation Hardcover (1 Winner Selected)

tales from the western generation “Every generation wonders about the exploits of the brave men and women who have gone before them. As the deeds of old masters are recounted, we are destined to ask – what kind of people were they? What were their goals and philosophies? What would they think about our efforts to preserve and grow the art of karate? This book seeks to answer some of those questions by encapsulating over 30 original interviews with senior karateka who experienced the old way of karate for themselves and helped bring it to the Western world.” HARDCOVER EDITION. See more. SIGNED BY MATTHEW APSOKARDU.

That’s it! Right your review now and be entered to win.